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DRASS was an exhibitor and keynote speaker at VIMAD Global Services Defence Exhibition in Madrid on 21-22 January, presenting our latest generation subsea crafts and submarine rescue technology to the Spanish Navy and defence institutions.

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DRASS has completed the commissioning activities of the Containerized Hyperbaric System for the Romanian Navy. We extend our thanks to all involved parties who have collaborated on this successful project.

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DRASS Internship Collaboration

Following the past few months of intense and effective hard work, Drass would like to express a huge thanks to Professor Paola Gualeni, Professor Diego Villa, and the DITEN Department at the University of Genoa for the internship collaboration which has proven to be a great achievement. Pietro Panizza and Emanuele Fassone, have finally graduated in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering and we are very proud and happy to have been part of their success with the theses regarding the "Influence of morphological design choices for a Compact Submarine" and "Stability and trim Polygon Analysis for a Midget Submarine".

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Following the invitation from the University of Pisa at the latest DII Talks (hosted by the Department of Information Engineering), DRASS held a seminar in which its developments in the fields of commercial diving and defence were presented to the entire second-year Telecommunication Engineering Postgraduates. The conference had a particular focus on technology applied for external communications and sonar processing on submarines. The general architecture and typical communication standards of exterior communication systems in civil and military field was described, including GMDSS system (Global Maritime Safety System), ALE3G (Automatic Link Establishment) and the use of SDR (Software-Defined Radio) for military communication.
In addition, the sonar processing architecture and its functionality of detection, tracking and analysis of tracks was discussed, going into detail on the techniques such as DEMON (Demodulation of Envelope Modulation On Noise) and LOFAR (Low-Frequency Analysis and Recording). In conclusion, DRASS gave an overview of the interaction between the sonar system and other systems in submarines such as CMS (Combat Management System) and WECDIS (Warship Electronic Chart Display & Information System).

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DRASS Christmas Dinners 2019

DRASS Group is happy to share some pictures from our company christmas dinners in Italy and Romania.
During the evening, all our staff spent a wonderful time together, with great food and wine, great music, and of course excellent company!
Happy Holidays and best wishes from everyone at DRASS!

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DRASS Green Campaign

We continue to honour our pledge to the environment by becoming greener each year!
We are doing this through the promotion and application of a very ambitious campaign entitled 'Environmental Footprint: DRASS Engagement', with various sub-projects currently in development. Through one such project, 'Plastic-Free', DRASS aims to significantly reduce the use of plastics and Co2 emissions. To this end, DRASS has installed additional water coolers throughout its communal areas, dispensing both still and sparkling water. In tandem with this, one of the DRASS Christmas gifts to each member of staff was an aluminium water flask.
This is one of many green initiatives, and we are pleased to see how it has been welcomed by one and all!

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DRASS Certification

It is with great pleasure that we share with you another major goal recently achieved by DRASS. DRASS100 Series System, installed on the Vessel Oriental Dragon, has now received the DSV Sat and Surface Class notation issued by DNV-GL.

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DRASS is glad to share some pictures from Defence and Security Exhibition held in Thailand, 18-21 November 2019.
Once again we want to thank all of our visitors for their interest in DRASS Defence Underwater Technology.

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DRASS conference speakers at ADIPEC EXHIBITIONS

DRASS was one of the conference's designated speakers at the ADIPEC Exhibition in Abu Dhabi during 11-14 November 2019.

David Marzi, Managing Director of Subspec, a Drass Group Company, unveiled the new DRASS D-ONE Diving Helmet in a presentation focusing on DRASS innovation in the commercial diving sector with the design and development of the new D-ONE, including the high standards of safety and the unique modularity of this new generation diving helmet.

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Last week, DRASS was one of the conference speakers at the Submarine Technology Exhibition – Amsterdam, 29-31 October 2019.

Davide D’Alessio, DRASS’ Defence System Designer Coordinator, discussed DRASS Submarine Rescue technology with a presentation entitled Drass Submarine Rescue and Salvage Systems & Designs, the New Generation of Deep Rescue Vehicle (DRV) and the Submarine Ventilation System (SVS).

The full scope of DRASS' cutting-edge technology was summarised, as well as its significant contributions to the Submarine Rescue sector in the past up to the present day.

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