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Introducing D-ONE LIFE-TRACKER: the ultimate game-changer in diver safety and efficiency

D-ONE LIFE-TRACKER from Drass is an advanced smart device that incorporates a digital viewport displaying real-time visual updates from the dive control unit, as well as parameter alerts thanks to strategically positioned sensors for the remote tracking of operational parameters and diver vitals, including: Breathing Pattern (Respiratory Rate) Orientation and Inclination Diver Suit Temperature Diver...

Drass Caspian and Drass Italy Collaborate on Vessel ATI in Baku, Azerbaijan

From 5th February to 13th March, Drass Caspian and Drass Italy joined forces aboard Vessel ATI in Baku, Azerbaijan for renovation works commissioned by marine contractors Caspian Marine Service B.V., serving the offshore oil and gas exploration and production industry. Meticulously planning and executing each step, Drass team brought their collective experience and professionalism to...


As is customary each year, Drass once again had the pleasure of opening its doors to the Italian Navy submariners who are attending the specialization course at the Italian Naval Academy in Livorno. Former submariners from Drass guided the delegation in a tour of the production facilities, introducing one and all to cutting-edge defence crafts...


Drass extends warm congratulations to valued business partner, CCC (UE), on the latest addition to their fleet: Ice Class Multi-Purpose Dive Support and Subsea Construction Vessel, Wadad Aletheia. This vessel, one of the largest and most capable DSCVs in the world, features the DNV-classed Drass i100 Series which boasts a 24-man fully automated twin bell...

D-ONE Workshop for the Brazilian Navy in Rio de Janeiro

DRASS and the Brazilian Navy share a longstanding collaboration dating back to 1985 when DRASS was enlisted with the design, manufacture, and installation of a state-of-the-art diving simulator (capable of reaching 1000 msw of pressure). This ultra-deep saturation system, located at CIAMA hyperbaric training facility of Marinha do Brasil naval base, has since been regularly...


DRASS had the pleasure of welcoming Mine Countermeasures Forces (MARICODRAG) delegation of the Italian Navy: Rear Admiral Manganaro, accompanied by Commander Cuomo and Lieutenant Junior Mauriello. During the tour of DRASS production facilities, latest cutting-edge technologies in the fields of deep diving, defence and submarine rescue systems were presented. DRASS Group again extends thanks for...

DRASS and INTECS Join Forces to Advance AI-Driven Subsea Surveillance Systems

EN DRASS and INTECS Join Forces to Advance AI-Driven Subsea Surveillance Systems Livorno, 7 March 2024 DRASS, a renowned leader in subsea technologies, and INTECS, a pioneer in artificial intelligence solutions, have embarked on a groundbreaking collaboration aimed at enhancing subsea security through innovative AI-driven approaches. This partnership of DRASS and INTECS seeks to address...


Last week’s D-ONE Diving Helmet workshop was conducted in Montevideo, Uruguay – this time in collaboration with the Uruguayan Navy. Fifteen experienced military divers from the Diving and Rescue Group, under the leadership of Captain Federico Zas, participated in this event that combined theoretical classroom sessions with practical sessions in the Navy’s training tank. The...


On Monday 12th February, Pierroberto Folgiero, CEO of Fincantieri, Dario Deste, GM of the Naval Vessels Division and Claudio Cisilino, EVP Operations, Corporate Strategy and Innovation, were warmly received by Drass in Livorno. The visit aimed to intensify cooperation in the underwater sector, providing a significant opportunity to present Drass Group's technologies, capabilities and programs.


We are thrilled to share highlights from the recent D-ONE Diving Helmet Workshop held in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Hosted by the Head of Brazil’s Divers University, Rafael De Nicola, the workshop gathered 17 military divers from the Diving and Rescue Service, Fire, and Environmental Protection units of the Argentine Coast Guard, alongside Prefect Principal Adrian...


Continuously active since 1927 with the Galeazzi business line, Drass has extensive experience in manned underwater technology, establishing the world record for deep diving immersion with an atmospheric diving suit in 1937.
The company is now international leader in commercial diving, medical hyperbarics, midget and compact submarines, and vehicles for special forces.

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Drass is the leading company in Submarine Rescue thanks to its comprehensive range of solutions including design for turnkey submarine rescue ships, submarine rescue systems.

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With nearly a century of tradition and continuous activity, Drass is a recognized world leader in commercial and defence subsea operation solutions.

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DRASS currently has the most advanced and reliable range of hyperbaric oxygen therapy products, thanks to its focus on research and development, engineering production and materials technology. Drass designs, manufactures and tests all components in accordance with class certification.

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Drass since 1927 the historic leader in the deep diving industry, innovative, safe and cost-efficient systems and equipment, in compliance with the highest industry standards.

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Drass has extensive experience in manned underwater technology, establishing the world record for deep diving immersion with an atmospheric diving suit in 1937.

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Latest Events


DRASS is glad to share some pictures from Navy Technology Exhibition held in Tallinn - Estonia, 30th January to 1st February 2024. DRASS once again thanks all those who stopped by for a visit and discussion about DRASS cutting-edge technology and solutions.

DRASS promotes local children’s charity event

DRASS promotes local children's charity event The "Derby delle Stelle(tte)" charity event, organized by the Italian Naval Academy, took place on 3 March 2023 at Modigliani Sports Stadium in Livorno. This friendly match between local basketball teams "Libertas Livorno 1947" and "Pielle Livorno”, saw teams go head-to-head until the final score in a tournament dedicated...

Mariotti-DRASS contract with the Italian Navy for the supply of a saturation diving system and diving simulator for the submarine rescue unit of the new SDO-SuRS (Submarine Rescue Ship)

English version Genoa, 20 February 2023 The new SDO-SuRS (Special and Diving Operations - Submarine Rescue Ship) unit is the response of the Navy and the national shipbuilding industry to support special operations, underwater operations, and the rescue of distressed submarines, as well as the growing need to protect vital underwater infrastructure in the Mediterranean...

DRASS Christmas Dinners 2022

DRASS Group is happy to share some pictures from our company Christmas dinners in Italy and Romania. During the evening, all our staff spent a wonderful time together, with great food and wine, great music, and of course excellent company! Happy Holidays and best wishes from everyone at DRASS!

D-ONE Diving Helmet Open Day

D-ONE Diving Helmet Open Day held at DRASS headquarters on 2nd September was a resounding success. Participants, professional divers from various sectors, contributed to making this event extremely interesting. All had the opportunity to test the new D-ONE in the water, appreciating its performance and excellent functionality. They were impressed by its ergonomic design, superior...

TVR News Romania Exclusive

DRASS shares an exclusive report aired in March on TVR News Romania. During the news special, Romanian National Defence Minister Vasile Dîncu discusses the opportunity of DRASS compact submarines for the Romanian Navy as well as international export from Romania to other navies. A tour of DRASS Timișoara production facilities with Operational Director Cristina Stănciulescu...

DRASS at Livorno townhall

DRASS had the pleasure of being hosted by the Mayor of Livorno, Mr. Luca Salvetti, at Livorno townhall. During the visit, DRASS personnel presented the D-ONE Diving Helmet that was selected at national level to showcase the best of Italian technological innovation and design at the G20 Summit in Rome. The visit was an opportunity...

Indonesian Navy in DRASS

DRASS had the honor of receiving the delegation from the Indonesian Navy. During this visit the commission were especially interested to tour the historical gallery of DRASS’ world-first innovations spanning a century, followed by a tour of the various production facilities for a glimpse of our latest projects and cutting-edge technology. DRASS Group thanks our...

Visita della Dottoressa Riccardi, Direttore del V Reparto Innovazione Tecnologica del Segretariato Generale della Difesa e Direzione Nazionale degli Armamenti

DRASS ringrazia per la gradita visita della Dottoressa Riccardi, Direttore del V Reparto Innovazione Tecnologica del Segretariato Generale della Difesa e Direzione Nazionale degli Armamenti, svoltasi nell’ambito dell’ attività di missione finalizzata alla firma dell’accordo con il NATO Science and Technology Organisation - Centre for Maritime Research and Experimentation (STO- CMRE) per la cooperazione nell’ambito...

DRASS at ADI Design Index 2020-2021

DRASS was thoroughly honoured to be selected to be a part of the ADI Design Index 2020-2021, the annual exhibition that has championed the best of Italian design since 1956. Each year ADI (Association for Industrial Design) identifies the best Italian design in production, selected by the ADI Permanent Design Observatory. This year the prestigious...