Divers Gas Reclaim Unit

The Drass Diver Gas Reclaim System is a recirculation loop which allows the complete reclaim of heliox breathed by 2 divers from 17 MSW up to 300 MSW at a flow rate of 35 l/min per diver, with a work of breathing which is within the limits of Norsok U-101. Moreover, a higher capacity and depth can be managed in full safety by the system with an acceptable work of breathing.
The Diver Reclaim System controls the correct level of pressure in the reclaim loop with an independent and redundant check of O2 and CO2 level. The last downstream check on the Dive Control Console, which is always available, is a further safety step. The system includes automated functions, managed with the required safety level, and a large volume tank in line with DNV OS-E402.