Drass MINISAT project is aimed to give new solutions to the Offshore Wind Farm industry, in terms of granting continuous operation and increasing the safety level when compared to the standard surface diving configurations.
The system shall operate up to 100 meters depth and can be used on board vessels which have limited dimensions compared to the saturation diving DSVs.
The MINISAT is based on a 2-man diving bell, one TUP and a single lock chamber for 4 / 6 divers. Due to the obvious constraints in terms of available deck space and weight, the Hyperbaric Evacuation System is composed of the same single lock living chamber, thanks to the special plug and play outfitting procedure of the rescue mode.
The new MINISAT design allows continuous diving operation in saturation resulting into a sensible increase in productivity and a strong enhancement of the safety level due to the presence of an Hyperbaric Evacuation System. The HES can be immediately released of in case of emergency, with no transit time for the divers. The simplicity of the design make the MINISAT as well a very affordable solution in terms of overall costing and maintenance. The MINISAT is presently being evaluated in terms of equivalence with the existing Rules for Diving, to define the proper Certification package for the system.