900 Series Modular Sat System

The Modular Diving Saturation System Series 900 is the only Modular Saturation Diving System being designed and built in accordance with DNV Rules.
Each module is an independent unit with a stand alone Certification Package. The Diving System can be expanded to host from 9 to 15 divers, up to potential 24 divers and two diving bells. The bell deployment can be from vessel side or moon pool. All the components are interchangeable from system to system. The system is installed in three layers to minimize the deck space occupancy.
All the modules are enclosed in 20″ and 40″ marine certified containers or equivalent. The system is IMCA Compliant and built in accordance with DNV Rules.

The Hyperbaric Rescue Chamber is a towable Hyperbaric Evacuation Unit. It is mainly composed of an approved PVHO (Pressure Vessel for Human Occupancy), including environmental, buoyancy and stability testing for the specific purpose of operation. The rescue chamber is designed and built for safe launching from a preset height.
Drass has now included in its product range a fully certified Hyperbaric Evacuation System based on the rescue chamber and its independent launching system.
The solution is particularly designed for application in modular saturation systems.