Magma – diver hot water unit

The unit provides hot water supply to divers in water in accordance with the typical requirements of cold sea conditions (30/60/90 lpm). The Magma Sat is equipped with multiple independent heating pressure vessels to allow the maximum level of control in case of failure of one heating element.
The great advantage of this configuration is that it allows operation even in failure mode of any of the resistors, without compromising the continuity of service. In addition, the gradual increase of seawater temperature in the cascade of recipients, only exposes the last resistor to the highest temperature, and therefore to the corrosive action of the heated seawater. This results in less demanding requirements for maintenance and in a longer life cycle of the system

Magma Boiler 1000 Unit with pump
The Magma Boiler 1000 with pump is a hot water unit which supplies hot water to the Saturation Diving System for bell diving operations when the related Magma SAT is out of order or unavailable for an emergency caused by interruption in ship power supply.
It is made up of a 1000-liter tank where the water is electrically heated to 58°C maximum and maintained with a low power consumption. This is the ideal solution to obtain a reserve of hot water, ready for use all conditions, with only the low power consumption required for the operation of the pump.