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Hyperbaric therapy consists of supplying oxygen into a pressurized chamber with atmospheric pressure levels higher than normal. Under these conditions, the lungs can receive more oxygen than normal, following basic gas physics laws…

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Patient Care

The HOT Series has a modern system of video and audio entertainment assured for use in a hyperbaric ambient. These solutions provide a comfortable experience -which in itself promotes relaxed and deep breathing, thereby optimizing the therapysession further…

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DRASS hyperbaric system guarantees absolute safety levels for operators and patients alike, due to its highest levels of certification within all its features including:
• Water Mist Fire Protection System
• UV Flame Detection System
• Sensor Redundancy
• FAIL SAFE Hardware Architecture


Drass security levels are certified to the strictest standards available:
• ISPESL approval (Italy)
• CE Mark as a medical device (CE/MDD)
• Certificate of classification body for Quality System (ISO 13485)
• Compliance of technical standards specific to geographic areas

Control and management

The enhanced automation enables flawless management and administration of thetherapy by avoiding room for human error.
In addition, the collection of essential clinical data enables automatic completion of…

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control and management
Follow up

Drass was born in 1927 and is the world leader in hyperbaric technology for industrial, commercial and medical use.

DRASS currently has the most advanced and reliable range of hyperbaric oxygen therapy products, thanks to its focus on research and development, engineering production and materials technology. Drass designs, manufactures and tests all components in accordance with class certification.

Breathing Together

Safety, Semplicity and Realiability in our most advanced solution.