We have specialized welders with many years of experience in this field that can provide a full range of services from structural and plate welding to pipe welding. We can weld carbon steel and stainless steel using welding procedures MIG -MAG, WIG/TIG, SMAW and submerged arc. Our facility is well equipped to take on all types of welding challenges. For circumferential welding we have available 3 welding columns for Submerged Arc process, with welding capacity in diameter up to 6 meters and roller beds with sustainable weight up to 60 tones and rotating weight capacity up to 90 tones. For MIG-MAG, SMAW and WIG/TIG welding we have available last generation equipment from Fronius.

Mechanical carpentry and assembly

We are specialized in construction of under pressure vessels of various dimensions and welded assemblies of any type. Our workshop is well equipped with 4 pcs overhead cranes with lifting capacities up till 40 tons and equipment to perform various operations, a guillotine that can cut up till 2.5 m plates up till 3 mm thickness , cylindric roller to  plates up till 10 mm, bending equipment with capacity up to 5 mm thickness and width up to 2 meters, manual band saw with opening up to 600mm for cutting different types of profiles (UPN, IPE, HEB etc), fixed drilling machines and two lathe for mechanical machining.

All our production personnel are specialized,  skilled person that work with technical construction drawings.


The outfitting and installation process is assured by your skilled pipe men that can assembly various pipe assemblies from 1/4”pipes and up to 2” (tungum, stainless steel, steel and copper pipes), with professional bending equipment. These pipes assemblies can be tested up till 1000 bar with our own testing bench. Also we have personnel qualified and we have DNV type approval certificate to fabricate pressure hoses up to 1” diameter and 800 bar. After fabrication of pipes assemblies and hoses we perform chemical cleaning with our own installation and qualified operators.


Our company has qualified electricians that can assembly and test various type of automation panels, electrical equipment on pressures vessels, water machines and pump skids.