Sanitary Water Unit

The Sanitary Water Unit deliveries hot and cold water through two identical pumps. The great advantages of Drass solution are the simplicity, the reliability and the lack of long gas pilot lines from the chambers used in many systems. The water pressure is efficiently reduced at chamber level, on the exterior, and mixed according to the requirements of the divers
The Sanitary Water System is dimensioned to supply different sanitary users at the same time with a flow higher than 80 liters per minute, allowing simultaneous use of the showers. This is a unique feature of Drass equipment.

Sanitary Water Heater

Drass Sanitary Water Heater is a heating unit for sanitary water use, suitable for diving saturation systems.
The equipment heats sanitary water using a 15kW heating element. The outlet port is connected to the Drass Sanitary Water Unit for pumping the hot water with high pressure.