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Visita della Dottoressa Riccardi, Direttore del V Reparto Innovazione Tecnologica del Segretariato Generale della Difesa e Direzione Nazionale degli Armamenti

DRASS ringrazia per la gradita visita della Dottoressa Riccardi, Direttore del V Reparto Innovazione Tecnologica del Segretariato Generale della Difesa e Direzione Nazionale degli Armamenti, svoltasi nell’ambito dell’ attività di missione finalizzata alla firma dell’accordo con il NATO Science and Technology Organisation - Centre for Maritime Research and Experimentation (STO- CMRE) per la cooperazione nell’ambito della ricerca e sviluppo di tecnologie e sistemi con particolare riferimento all’ambito maritime, situato presso La Spezia.
Il V Reparto rappresenta il punto di riferimento a livello nazionale per la ricerca nell’ambito della sicurezza e difesa, che abbraccia dalle tecnologie aerospaziali alle tecnologie quantistiche, passando per i domini land & maritime compresa la subacquea, che attiene alla nostra azienda.
Nel corso della visita abbiamo potuto illustrate i programmi di ricerca tecnologica, compresi i risultati ottenuti ed in corso nei Piani di Ricerca Nazionale Militare che ci vedono coinvolti. Non è mancato un excursus sulla centenaria storia del gruppo, passando in rassegna eventi storici che a loro volta furono eccellenza dell’innovazione.
Tutto il personale DRASS ringrazia nuovamente la Dottoressa Riccardi e lo staff del V Reparto per averci onorato della loro presenza.

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Admiral Biaggi – Naval Academy Commander

DRASS was very pleased to welcome Admiral Flavio Biaggi, Commander of Italy’s Naval Academy located in Livorno. The visit that included a tour of Production facilities was yet another opportunity to introduce DRASS state-of-the-art technologies that are at the heart of navy projects. DRASS Group thanks Admiral Biaggi for his visit.

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Defence Commission

DRASS had the honour of receiving a delegation from the Defence Commission of the Italian Chamber of Deputies: MoP. Gianluca Rizzo, President of the IV Defense Commission, MoP. Luca Frusone, President of the Italian Delegation of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly and MoP. Angelo Tofalo, Deputy of the Republic and former Under Secretary of Defense.
During this visit the commission were especially interested to tour the historical gallery of DRASS’ world-first innovations spanning a century, followed by a tour of the production facilities to see firsthand its latest cutting-edge technologies that are enhancing and redefining the future of subsea operations.
Below you can view some photos from the visit. Again, we wish to extend our thanks for such a notable visit enjoyed by one and all.

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Commander Vitagliano – Branch Head of ISMERLO

DRASS welcomed Commander Gennaro Vitagliano, Branch Head of the International Submarine Escape and Rescue Liaison Office "ISMERLO" organization established by NATO to coordinate international submarine search and rescue operations.
DRASS Engineers had the unique and invaluable opportunity to engage with the master of SMER (Submarine Escape & Rescue) doctrine at NATO Level for training on the new ISMERLO website ( with all its latest capabilities.
DRASS Group thank Commander Vitagliano once again for his visit and his personalized training course.

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DRASS and Squale present the GALEAZZI Watch

The Squale Galeazzi professional diving watch was born from the collaboration between Squale and DRASS Galeazzi. The result is a superb watch that pays tribute to the past while being modern and avant-garde.

Inspired by the iconic Squale Master, its polished steel case guarantees impermeability up to 500 meters thanks to the 4-mm sapphire crystal and a helium valve that render it a professional diving watch in every respect.

The black and old radium colour scheme chosen for the bezel and dial evokes a classic style. This combination gives the Squale Galeazzi a vintage aesthetic that commemorates the extraordinary history of both brands.

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DRASS personnel dive check

The regular competency assessment of DRASS diving personnel is fundamental. This is why DRASS, in collaboration with ASD Eligere Magistrum in Diving Education, perform this necessary testing and verification specifically for DRASS personnel responsible for the management and technical verification of DRASS underwater vehicles.

Three days of dive checks were carried out under the supervision of Gabriele Vannelli, Vice-President and Training Instructor of ASD EMDE.
The first sessions were aimed at assessing standard diving procedure. The second part verified the ability to conduct underwater operations and co-ordinate a team. Finally, the focus was on stress management in out-of-the-ordinary situations, such as emergency management in zero visibility scenarios.

An invaluable experience and collaboration for all.
Many thanks to the diving center Bolle d'Azoto Associazione Sportiva Dilettantistica for their logistic support during these training exercises.

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Audizione presso la Commissione Difesa della Camera dei Deputati

Il giorno 27 Aprile, nell'ambito dell'indagine conoscitiva "sulla pianificazione dei sistemi di difesa e sulle prospettive della ricerca tecnologica, della produzione e degli investimenti funzionali alle esigenze del comparto difesa" ha avuto luogo l’audizione del Direttore Generale della DRASS, Sergio Cappelletti, presso la Commissione Difesa della Camera dei Deputati.
L’evento è stata una proficua occasione per illustrare le potenzialità dell’industria della subacquea nazionale e discutere delle strategie che possa consentire mantenere l’eccellenza attualmente riconosciuta alle nostre imprese.
L’underwater italiano, di cui DRASS è riconosciuto leader, rappresenta per l’Italia un’importante opportunità di esportazione e di ritorno industriale nei settori della difesa, industriale, ambientale e turistico.
Siamo fiduciosi che il genuino interesse dimostrato dalla Commissione possa fornire ulteriore stimolo e supporto alla progetto delle Traiettorie Tecnologiche della Subacquea in allestimento presso il Segretario Generale della Difesa.
Allo stesso modo auspichiamo che abbia tempestiva realizzazione un Polo della Subacquea Italiana, per aggregare aree di test a mare e laboratori al servizio della piccola e media impresa nazionale.

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On 16th April DRASS engineers Alberto Sartor and Enrico Pitzalis presented a 4-hour discourse on the theme Underwater and Hyperbaric Technologies at the Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine Masters Seminar at University of Padova, organized by Prof. Gerardo Bosco.
With real interest and strong participation from the audience, Alberto and Enrico discussed specific highlights from Drass’ rich history of subsea innovations spanning a century, from the pioneering era of underwater exploration to its present-day cutting-edge technologies, as well as its new horizons transforming submarine rescue and underwater automation as we know it.

The course also delved into other related topics such as HBOT (Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy) systems and its increasing role and value in medical treatments and disease prevention. Focus was also oriented to the certification of medical devices and to its correct application in hyperbaric chamber systems.
Finally, practical examples of chamber and fail-safe therapy management systems were presented, with special attention to the role played by hyperbaric technicians in the safety and reliability of medical HBOT systems.

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DRASS is proud to sponsor the City of Livorno’s International Sailing Week 2021 (24 April to 2nd May 2021).

International Sailing Week is one of the most significant regattas nationally and, indeed, worldwide. It typically sees over 1000 racers from dozens of participating nations and continents far and wide including many foreign naval academies. It goes without saying, therefore, that the Regatta of the Italian Naval Academy based in Livorno are also confirmed participants at this exciting event.

From start to finish, the competition’s course spans over 600 miles. With its starting line in Livorno, the route continues past Porto Cervo in Sardinia and then on to the island of Capri in Italy’s Bay of Naples before racing back up to the finish line in Livorno. The route covers a large part of the Tyrrhenian Sea and is one of the most highly anticipated Mediterranean regattas due to its length, diversity of challenges that each crew must skillfully face, and the spectacular vistas along the way. A regatta for true sailors eager to share an exciting undertaking.

Fair winds, calm seas, and happy sailing to one and all!

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DRASS continues its sponsorship of a very worthy cause, the local charity TDS - Toscana Disabili Sport A.S.D. TDS promotes sports for youths with disabilities. Sports include wheelchair basketball, swimming, water polo and sitting volley. The difference between these disciplines affords youngsters increased opportunities, with the assistance of high specialized TDS team technicians that are able to identify the most suitable discipline for each future athlete. The courses comprise of two fundamental phases: playful motor/recreational and competitive, allowing these youngsters to boost their physical capacity and morale through interaction with teammates and increasing self-esteem in relationships with others. DRASS would like to thank all the TDS team technicians for their continued dedication, as well as that shown by each of the young athletes taking part in sports training and sporting events with TDS. They are an inspiration to us all. DRASS is proud to follow their story and raise awareness of their successes on the field, in the pool and in life.

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