D-ONE Diving Helmet Open Day

D-ONE Diving Helmet Open Day

D-ONE Diving Helmet Open Day held at DRASS headquarters on 2nd September was a resounding success.
Participants, professional divers from various sectors, contributed to making this event extremely interesting.

All had the opportunity to test the new D-ONE in the water, appreciating its performance and excellent functionality.
They were impressed by its ergonomic design, superior visibility, and comfortable fit, and all agree that it is an excellent product!!
A special thanks goes out to all those who shared this beautiful experience with us!


Discover some moments of Drass D-ONE Helmet Open Day, the event where professional divers from a whole range of sectors had the opportunity to get hands-on with this state-of-the-art technology: the new D-ONE Diving Helmet.

In this video, check out DRASS testing facility and wet tank where professional divers trialed out the D-ONE with a series of controls and tests.

Professional divers put the Drass D-ONE Helmet through its paces, trialing out its innovative modularity for customization as well as easy reconfiguration for any dive environment by means of interchangeable pods.

D-ONE Tried & Tested – THE REVIEWS