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Drass is glad to share with you some pictures from EURONAVAL Exhibition in Paris.

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ONS 2018

Drass is glad to share with you some pictures of the ONS exhibition in Stavanger – Norway

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Drass sponsored the DMAC

Drass sponsored the DMAC (Diving Medical Advisory Committee) event that was held in Pisa on Thursday 24 May 2017 at Area Delle Ricerca CNR. Presenting an address entitled “The Benefits of PLC Controls in Diving and Medical Hyperbaric Systems”, Drass introduced its PLC application for several types of systems (medical, commercial diving and recreational diving), and showcased its latest products. A guided tour of Pisa was also organized by Drass for all attendees – an opportunity to enjoy the sights and history of one of Italy’s most famous cities.

A little more about DMAC:
DMAC is an independent committee, formed in 1974 to provide advice about medical and certain safety aspects of commercial diving. In 2004 the committee initiated a scheme for approval of courses in diving medicine, details of which, including a list of recognized courses, are also available published on the DMAC website.
The committee comprises of doctors involved in the practice of diving medicine in Northern Europe (currently France, The Netherlands, Norway and the United Kingdom), representatives of relevant health authorities (the UK Health & Safety Executive and Norwegian Directorate of Public Health), medical representatives from relevant navies (Italy, UK & The Netherlands) and a diving safety officer nominated by IMCA (the International Marine Contractors Association). Members of the committee receive no payment for their time or contributions to committee proceedings – the work of the committee is entirely voluntary.

The committee’s work is reflected in its series of guidance notes concerning various aspects of diving and diving medical practice, each of which is available for free of charge downloading from the DMAC website.
The notes are also distributed to a large number of offshore diving contractors as they are issued.

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Drass at Eudi

Drass took part at Eudi – European Dive Show, held in Bologna (Italy) from 2nd to 4th March 2018.
The European Dive Show is the most important national event for the commercial diving sector. It provides an array of courses, technical meetings and conferences held by industry experts and technicians. For this year’s event, Marco Bellomo, Drass Technical Manager, gave a discourse regarding innovation in hyperbaric rescue system technology.

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Dema Show

Drass visited the Dema Show 2017 in Orlando!
We are happy to share pictures of the latest innovations making a splash in the diving market!

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Drass is glad to share with you some pictures of the Offshore Europe exhibition in Aberdeen

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Amsterdam 6th-9th of June 2017
The NATO Submarine Escape and Rescue Working Group (SMERWG) encourages the development and implementation of military standardization within the global Submarine Escape, Rescue and Abandonment (SMERAS) community. This includes, but is not limited to, techniques and training methods, presenting and recommending new equipment and communications related to submarine emergency situations.
NATO SMERWG is held over 4 days and is open to NATO and other non-NATO submarine operating nations wishing to develop or upgrade a SMERAS capability. Around 34 nations participate, sending 120 delegates who share information and discuss their SMERAS activities.
The SMERWG brings together submarine operating nations who are looking to develop their SMERAS capability and Industry that can assist with this development.
DRASS was present at the event joining the Italian Navy Delegation presenting our new design of Diving Rescue Support Vessel (DRSV) and our innovative designs of Deep Rescue Vehicle (DRV) and Submarine Ventilation System (SVS) on support to a Distress Submarine (DISSUB).

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ONS 2016

Drass is glad to share with you some pictures of the ONS 2016 in Stavanger.

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Once again Drass joined the Offshore Europe in Aberdeen. It’s always a pleasure to meet old friends and also new people. Hope to see you next time!

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ONS 2012

Once again Drass joined the ONS. Hope you enjoy the best pictures.

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