The umbilical winch allow the deployment of the umbilical cable for the supply of services necessary for the bell and divers in water.
The Umbilical winch is fitted with a tensioning device that maintains a positive “pull” on the umbilical to prevent excess umbilical being paid out. Also these equipment are hydraulically powered by two Open Circuit Hydraulic Power Packs.
The Umbilical Winch comprises a standard single drum driven by a single chain and sprocket arrangement. The sprocket is driven via one pinion connected to single motor with disk brake.
The bell umbilical winch deploys and recovers the bell umbilical in passive synchronization (constant tension) with the bell lift winches. The umbilical is spooled on the winch via a diamond cut lead screw, driven by the drum shaft on a chain and sprocket arrangement.
The design of the umbilical winch shall allow for the incorporation of the umbilical, an umbilical slip ring and rotary union assembly.