Happy client, happy team!
Drass successfully completed the testing campaign of the two 6.5m3 Diving Bells and now they are ready for an imminent delivery to the Shipyard Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industries Company (ZPMC), as part of the complex supply of the Drass 100 Series Saturation Diving System (24-man system), to be installed on the new-build Sealion/Toisa.
The Diving Bells are now fully tested, thanks to an intensive and thorough FAT protocol carried out over the last few weeks at Drass facilities.
The Diving Bell PVs were subject to a specific metalization process which contributes to the surface finish as an additional protective layer.
Both Bells are sinking and they are rated for 300 MSW. A DMS (Dive Monitoring System) has been designed and provided on both Bells/Dive Control Consoles in order to monitor all the relevant information pertaining to temperature, depth, humidity, O2 content, CO2 concentration, hydrocarbon concentration, reclaim gas %O2/ppO2, divers’ breathing gas %O2/ppO2, divers’ depth, temperature and water flow meter, bell onboard HP gas pressures and other additional technical information.
A new generation stab plate has been fully integrated in the design and installed on the Bells, as well as the new external stowage frames for Divers’ Umbilical designed with a quick releasing mechanism.
Special thanks to the Drass Engineering Department, Diving Bell Production Team and Drass Planning who contributed to the completion of the production two weeks before the original deadline.