In a traditional diving system a sat control console is a very complicated piece of equipment. It is made of hundreds of tubes, wires, sensors, indicators, valves etc… All the tubing and wires run through the diving system from the hyperbaric chambers to the sat control console. The design and installation of a sat control console is a time and money consuming activity. What to do to avoid this problem? The new sat control console will be made of touch screen monitors which are connected through only two cables to every chamber. For example for a four chambers diving system we will install only eight cables (instead of hundred of wires and tubing). The diving supervisor will manage the saturation chambers touching the screens. The signal will run through the cables to the chamber side where a remote actuator will reproduce the command of the supervisor to obtain the desired action. As well the sensor signals installed on the chamber run through the cables and are shown to the supervisor on a screen. Our new automatic control console system is different from the existing one in that by simplifying the controls and separating it from the monitoring system, the final result is a 100% reliable sat controle system which totally avoids every single point of failure.