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Hi, I’m Paolo, the Outfitting Production Team Leader.
I’ve been working here at Drass since the beginning of time, I belong to that elite group known as the “corporate memory”…obviously referring to experience and not years. you can see, I like using irony, finding it the best way to confront both the small and large problems of everyday life. To the question, “Your biggest satisfaction in your working life?”, my answer would have to be seeing my team grow with enthusiasm. They really are a great bunch. I remember one year during the lead-up to Christmas, they arrived at my front door, armed with prosecco  and panettone to raise a glass together. And how could I forget the moments spent together working overseas on various projects, where the team spirit enabled me to make it through the day, even when faced with the dreaded prospect of an hour’s run in the evening.
Yes, I love sport! You know the types in the gym, always on the bikes? Well, that’s me. Me and my passion for spinning. A passion which I have cultivated for the past ten years. Years and years of pedalling, luckily not just for work 😉

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