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Hi everybody,
my name is Nicola and I have been working in Drass since July 2013.
I’m part of the System Design Business Unit: I spend a lot of time “furnishing” the ships using our pressure vessels and related ancillary components.
I also support the Commercial Department whenever there is the need to define an offer.
The most beautiful aspect of my job is its diversity: I have to work with people worldwide, so one day with someone from Australia, another day with other people from South Korea, China and so on.
Consequently, I have had the great chance to visit other countries and to live unique experiences, as with my last trip to Norway where I lived for one month.
At the same time, the craziest thing is that, during my working days, I have to jump between totally different issues every 5 minutes.. that’s the fabulous world of multi-tasking!
Fortunately, in my free time, doing sports like swimming, running and skiing helps reset my brain.

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