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My name is Enrico and I joined Drass in 2006. I am an Aerospace Engineer firmly converted to underwater matters.
I am responsible for the Equipment Design, and I also follow new projects as Program Engineer and risk analyst.
It all started when I had a nice job interview in the summer, and my perception was that Drass could be a sort of research center, and a young and casual job environment.
In this Company I found people working hard, discussing, laughing..just like a family. And the family grew up a lot. We have seen several diving vessels being launched with our equipment inside, and work with success over the seas. This is a reason to be proud and I am very glad to be still here in 2014 looking at our future. Even with a tie, if it’s strictly necessary.
I am a travel & sport fan, and I still travel around the world with a Drass hat for testing, commissioning, meetings and seminars. Whenever I an away for work and I have free time, I always try to feel close to where I am (you can see me joining a cross-country ski session in the Rocky Mountains after equipment test trials in the Utah…).

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