Hi, I’m Alessia, I work in Drass since 2007 when became part of our Korean project for the building of the two Twin Gulmar Vessels.
I was involved in the commercial part of the project and it has been a very interesting experience!
I have cooperated with many  people and   I’ve learned too much from  them in terms of how to handle relationships between different cultures and very different habits and way of thinking  which is very important for the good development of the job.
From the technical point of view, I’ve improved my knowledge and I got the chance to visit a very big Shipyard , HHIC,  while the Vessel was under construction, and believe me it was very impressive!!
When I was told the first time in Drass that building a Saturation Diving System configuration was like a Lego game I thought I was ended up in the wrong work place. But now, after this experience,  I can build the diving system you want in half a day, and incorporate your variations. And still I make it compliant with the Drass standard to support it all along its lifecycle.
I’m a magician or it is the Drass modular engineering? Probably both