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Drass was awarded a contract by Hanjin Heavy Industries & Construction for the delivery of a 700 Series surface supplied mixed gas diving system, similar to the one completed and delivered in the summer of 2013.
The new Vessel will be built in South Korea at Hanjin Heavy Industries & Construction Shipyard for the Korean Navy.
The new 700 Series Diving System will be certified by Korean Register on the base of the consolidated design of the 1st ATS-II Vessel.
The System is capable for an operability up to 300 fsw(91m) and is going to be provided with a Triple Lock surface decompression chamber provided with a life support system and gas management; one man transportable chamber is supplied and installed on the same deck of the handling system to allow a quick ingress of the Divers into the Chamber.
Thanks to a very compact design, the handling system is fully integrated in the Vessel General Arrangment. It is controlled by PLC and provided with automatic, semiautomatic and manual launch and recovery procedures. The Launch and Recovery is operated from a Wet Bell Handling Control Console. In addition Diver Stage and basked are provided for Divers launch and recovery.

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Drass is very proud of its employee Luca Marsi, the Planning and Coordination Manager. Luca competed for the European Cup Combined Events for Track and Field in Inowroclaw (Poland) representing Italy in the Decathlon competition that consists of 100 meters, long jump, shot put, high jump, 100 meters hurdles, javelin throw, Pole vault, discus throw and 1500 meters. The Italian team was composed of 4 male decathletes and 4 female eptathletes. Eptathlon is a track and field combined events contest made up of seven events: 100 metres hurdles, High jump, Shot put, 200 metres, Long jump, Javelin throw, 800 metres
The team, with its individual score, let Italy get the 4th place, just right behind Switzerland, Poland and Spain.
“I was proud to dress on the national shirt and be part of a team that fought until the last sprint, jump and throw to get the 4th position in the competition.
It has been a challenging and good experience to compete with the athletes which will be part of the next Track & Field World Championship on the 22nd of August in Beijing”.

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