D-ONE Workshop for the Brazilian Navy in Rio de Janeiro

D-ONE Workshop for the Brazilian Navy in Rio de Janeiro

DRASS and the Brazilian Navy share a longstanding collaboration dating back to 1985 when DRASS was enlisted with the design, manufacture, and installation of a state-of-the-art diving simulator (capable of reaching 1000 msw of pressure). This ultra-deep saturation system, located at CIAMA hyperbaric training facility of Marinha do Brasil naval base, has since been regularly utilized by submariners across Central and South America to assess the performance and durability of submersibles at depth, as well as to simulate actual saturation diving conditions.

Fast forward almost 40 years, DRASS finds itself back at CIAMA in Rio presenting another cutting-edge technology to the Brazilian Navy: D-ONE commercial diving helmet.

Attendees were divers, many of whom also serve as instructors and dive inspectors in the Brazilian Navy. This D-ONE workshop, led by Rafael De Nicola of Divers University, was met with huge enthusiasm – particularly following the day’s wet trials where the professionals had a chance to put D-ONE through its paces at depth.

The feedback was both brilliant and unanimous! D-ONE was praised for its exceptional comfort, ample viewport for a wide peripheral visual, and unrestricted head mobility. D-ONE’s communications system was also commended thanks to its precision clarity. This event marks yet another notable success for D-ONE.

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