DRASS in partnership with EMDE

DRASS in partnership with EMDE

DRASS and EMDE have commenced a partnership for mutual support in underwater technical and scientific activities.
EMDE (Eligere Magistrum in Diving Education) is a scuba diving training provider of the most innovative equipment and highly effective training methods.
EMDE training doesn’t stop at the end of the class, but continues with diver attitude in every dive, whatever their level of knowledge and experience, when technical training aligns with ethical awareness and a positive mindset.
EMDE provides support for competency assessment of DRASS diving personnel responsible for the management and technical verification of DRASS underwater vehicles.

DRASS state of the art underwater technologies, alongside EMDE support, perform technical deep trimix dives for exploration and training purposes.

During the last dive performed in July, with the cooperation of “Sestante Diving” of Castiglione della Pescaia (Grosseto, Italy), our team undertook an exploration at “Le Formiche di Grosseto”, 10 miles off the coast of Tuscany.

Dive details:
Runtime: 128 minutes
Max Depth: 83,9 meters
Average Depth: 27,0 meters.
Bottom mix: Trimix 15/55 (15% oxygen, 55% helium, 30% nitrogen).
Decompression mix: Trimix 30/30, nitrox 50 and pure oxygen.