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Since 2011, Drass has arranged internal training courses for members of the Electrical Design Team; for each new member of the electrical engineering department a training course on how to use “IGE-XAO SEE Electrical Expert”, the software used to produce all electrical schematics of the Drass diving electrical system. A couple of sessions are arranged for each user; allowing the electrical designer/engineer to be able to produce all electrical drawings as per Drass standard engineering phases.
– the course detailed Pros to use this program, including some “tips and tricks” and basic “Do and Do not” on schematics.
All features of this electrical software are easy to use and are dedicated to electrical design:
o          IEEE/ IEC component libraries
o          Automatic numbering for components, cables and wires
o          Automatic generation of cables, terminals, components, etc.
o          Cross-references (available contacts, etc.)
For the electrical engineering department, all the eatures listed above are time and money-saving for the complete process of engineering on each project.

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IMCA Election Result

We are proud to announce that Sergio Cappelletti, Drass Managing Director,  has been elected as the Vice-Chairman of the IMCA Europe & Africa Section. Our thanks to all who participated and supported Sergio in the process.
Sergio joins the Management Committee with the intention of contributing to the consolidation and modernization of the Organization, and with the specific focus of redefining the role and the contribution of the Supplier members.

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On the 6th of May we held a meeting at Drass premises with people from VARD and Harkand.
This meeting was focused on FMECA and it was scheduled in order to help in more detailed way our client and the owner to issue the requested documentation to be submitted to the Class

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Drass English Course

Drass has set the target of improving the English proficiency, making English the official language of the group.
A specific Technical English course has started, involving 50 Drass engineers divided into 3 groups (Advanced, Intermediate and Elementary).
The course includes a full year of weekly lessons with native speaker teachers.

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Once again Drass joined the Offshore Europe in Aberdeen. It’s always a pleasure to meet old friends and also new people. Hope to see you next time!

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Inside the white chamber for pipes cleaning are completed all the qualitative analysis on the samples of the washed pipes. The container was built to complete different cleaning methods on oxygen and breathable gas systems as requested from the Offshore Standard DNV-OS-E402 SEC. 2 J302 and ASME G93-03.
The analysis consist of a measurement taken on the NVR “not volatile residue” and the VOC “volatile organic carbon” levels inside the liquid sample, earlier extracted from the gas lines flux.
By the integration of  pumps and recycling tanks it is possible to wash the pipes up to 2”-1/2 diameter through chemical solutions that attack the polluting agent. To keep the pipe washed will permit the destruction of hydrocarbons until it will return to the parameters requested by the above mentioned standards.
Depending on the  tubes final used, breathable gas or pure oxygen transportation, the samples are analyzed with two different process analysis.
Thanks to all this we were able to get a real analysis lab directly on board, during the installation and commissioning phases of a diving system.

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Completion job DSME

DRASS 700 series installation for the Korean Navy, in DSME yard, is near to its completion. The activities, performed in close cooperation with yard workmen, are proving to be a great success with this new surface supplied mixed gas diving system being delivered by the end of this summer. The diving system has the new DRASS automatic and fully integrated handling system (overall dimensions in closed position 5500x2800x2600) which is capable of deploying the Wet Bell up to 300 fsw (90 msw). The oil-free HP compressors, upstream of the on-line gas analysis system with a dedicated Gas Chromatographer, can produce 300bar breathable air for high quality diving operations. A three lock hyperbaric chamber allows the performance of operations with basket and wet bell at different depths with two different decompressions tables contemporarily.

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100 Series Integration Course

From April 9th  to 12th  we had the pleasure of hosting the participants of the second edition of the course on the Integration of the Drass 100 Series Saturation Diving System with a DSV. The participants took part in the four-day intensive course, learning about the various Drass procedures, equipment and lessons learned through all these years in the business. They also had the opportunity to have some lessons in the workshop where a context could be given to certain procedures. Unfortunately some of our guests had to leave early, but those who remained were taken out for a delicious lunch followed by a tour of Pisa. We take the opportunity to thank all of those who took part, for their positive feedback and to the Companies that continue to place their trust in us.

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Drass was awarded a contract by Hanjin Heavy Industries & Construction for the delivery of a 700 Series surface supplied mixed gas diving system, similar to the one completed and delivered in the summer of 2013.
The new Vessel will be built in South Korea at Hanjin Heavy Industries & Construction Shipyard for the Korean Navy.
The new 700 Series Diving System will be certified by Korean Register on the base of the consolidated design of the 1st ATS-II Vessel.
The System is capable for an operability up to 300 fsw(91m) and is going to be provided with a Triple Lock surface decompression chamber provided with a life support system and gas management; one man transportable chamber is supplied and installed on the same deck of the handling system to allow a quick ingress of the Divers into the Chamber.
Thanks to a very compact design, the handling system is fully integrated in the Vessel General Arrangment. It is controlled by PLC and provided with automatic, semiautomatic and manual launch and recovery procedures. The Launch and Recovery is operated from a Wet Bell Handling Control Console. In addition Diver Stage and basked are provided for Divers launch and recovery.

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