Inaugural NATO CRF (Coordinating of Rescue Forces) Course

Inaugural NATO CRF (Coordinating of Rescue Forces) Course

Last week, NATO held their very first CRF Course in the beautiful and evocative Italian Navy Submarine School in Taranto.

The Submarine Escape and Rescue (SMER) scenario has been a main focus of DRASS for years. As such, DRASS was invited to present to the SMER Community. DRASS introduced its latest generation Submarine Rescue and Intervention Systems that represents a new era in the field of SMER technology excellence in terms of innovation, performance, safety and reliability.

It was a pleasure to cooperate with the Italian Navy and ISMERLO (International Submarine Escape and Rescue Liaison Office) as well as some of the best SMER professionals from around the globe, in a real example of “Community” entirely focused on improving overall SMER skills.
A special thanks to the Italian Navy for the opportunity to participate in this momentous event.

DRASS continues its involvement in this field, as well as its support towards the Course’s upcoming sessions and the SMER Community as a whole.