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Hi everyone,
My name is Ian Saron and I am the only American here at Drass. I was born in Saint Petersburg, Florida and attended the University of Colorado at Boulder which is probably my favorite city in the US.
I started working with Drass in December of 2017 and am absolutely fascinated by the saturation diving industry, which until December I was unaware even existed…this tends to be the norm I find.
Arriving here was a bit of a whirlwind, but I’ll do my best to explain. I began my career in automotive back in 2010 with Ferrari in Shanghai at their Asia Pacific Headquarters.
After 3 years in China, I decided to return to the US, but across the country in Los Angeles working for Fiat Chrysler Automobiles.
After 4 years in Los Angeles, I decided to move to Livorno, Italy where I commuted to work with Lamborghini outside of Bologna.
This was until I found Drass in my city and once I was introduced to this space-like world, I was hooked and don’t plan on leaving.
During this amazing hurricane of a life, I met my Livornese wife Lucia in Shanghai where we worked together in Ferrari, I then brought her to Los Angeles where we got married and had 2 beautiful girls Lia J, and Maia Lilia. Now we decided that Italy was the perfect place to raise them and here we are. It is an absolute privilege to have the opportunity to live life here and I cannot be happier.
Thanks Drass for welcoming this American into your company and being so bright and energetic. I will try every day to return the favor.

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