DRASS at Livorno townhall

DRASS at Livorno townhall

DRASS had the pleasure of being hosted by the Mayor of Livorno, Mr. Luca Salvetti, at Livorno townhall. During the visit, DRASS personnel presented the D-ONE Diving Helmet that was selected at national level to showcase the best of Italian technological innovation and design at the G20 Summit in Rome.

The visit was an opportunity to praise DRASS for this outstanding achievement and personally meet DRASS engineers who, with their high-level expertise, collectively contributed to the creation of this cutting-edge product that offers an array of innovative safety and tracking features including full modularity for varying diving environments by means of interchangeable Air, Reclaim and Rebreather pods, plus an ergonomic design with enhanced protection and comfort that is second to none.

During the visit, DRASS also presented the Diving Compact BIBS mask that was on display in the Italian Pavilion at EXPO2020 Dubai.


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