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Sport does not distract or drive students away from studying but bonds them and promotes valuable life skills. This is the fourth edition message of the “Drass Sport Scholarship”, an important event for Don Bosco basketball boys’ team and for all its entourage focused on social and training skills, and on sportsmanship at both an individual and team level.
The grand awards ceremony took place in the beautiful Labronica library conference room of Villa Fabbricotti, where five of the most deserving boys of the red-blue “cantera” were awarded:

  1. Under 13 selection: Antonio Vander Spek
  2. Under 14 selection: Ivan Onojaife
  3. Under 15 selection: Giona Sapienza
  4. Under 16 selection: Alessio Marinari
  5. Under 18 selection: Matteo Lavoratori

Congratulations from Drass to all the winners with best wishes for the future, in their sporting achievements and in life in general.

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Drass is pleased to announce the Transfer of Certification to British Standards Institute concerning ISO 9001-ISO14001 and OHSAS18001.
Drass staff, in collaboration with BSI, is working to improve services and processes performances and move across to the standard’s most recent revisions. Drass will receive new BSI certification this month.

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Another Retirement in Drass

Abramo, one of our dear colleagues (CNC Workshop Team Leader), has retired.
For Ambramo's send off, a farewell party with refreshments was organised. Sergio Cappelletti, our MD, gave a speech recounting our fond memories of Abramo over the years and, on behalf of everyone at Drass, wished him the very best for the future. Gifts were presented and group photos were taken.

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Drass continues its commitment to use eco-sustainable energy.
The TUV SUD certification body has certified that Drass is “green” thanks to the continued use of renewable energy throughout its operations.
We keep in mind that with each action towards helping the environment, we really do contribute to making it a better place.

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Drass High-Tech Graduate Training Program

Promoting and developing enhanced technical excellence amongst employees is high on DRASS’ agenda.  To this end, DRASS actively support a number of training programs and projects for university students.

Luca Biasci, our Automation Expert Engineer, is availing himself of one such project as part of his Master’s Degree credits.
The AUV (Autonomous Underwater Vehicle) “FellHyppo” has been a project collaboration developed by University of Florence and MDM in partnership with DRASS.  This specialized project involves participation in test sessions and has provided invaluable experience in guidance and navigation systems for ocean exploration.
During the test sessions, different missions are planned and executed – and a real-time analysis is made to study mission results.

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123 Project is Going On

 (“The Magnificent 500”) is the title of a recently published report that appeared in “Corriere della Sera”, the highly regarded Italian economic newspaper. It references the top 500 companies in Italy that had a substantial improvement in turnover between 2010 and 2016. Drass Galeazzi, in an analysis and comparison of over 12,000 like companies, was placed 119th and found itself amongst the top quartile of the "Magnificent 500".

Drass Galeazzi is the main company of a Group that in only five years increased the total turnover by 200%, with an average improvement per year of 11.5 million Euros. Similar results have been achieved for the Group equity (consistent improvement per year of 10.3 million Euros) and Total assets (average improvement per year of 12.5 million Euros). But the real strength of Drass is the shareholder equity that in the last few years is constantly on 80%, together with a ROI index of about 30%. Financial indexes show a flexible corporate structure characterized by an ever greater solidity. These conditions are made possible thanks to high profits, which are always reinvested into the business. Drass also achieves this impressive result due to its high level of innovation and flexibility, thanks to its ability to design and produce internally through an accurate certified quality process.

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DRASS is always very attentive to health and safety issues – providing regular training and updates to our staff in emergency management.
In recent weeks, many of our staff have attended the fire warden refresher courses to review and practice safety responses for  preparation of an emergency.

Below are some moments from the course:

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Drass is dedicated to contributing to a sustainable future with the objective of a zero ecological footprint to retain, restore and replace the natural resources used in its operations.
Drass demonstrates its commitment to the protection and enhancement of the environment through its extensive recycling program.  Paper, plastics, glass and batteries are recycled, along with all water used during external pressure testing of underwater vessels.
Drass leads by example and actively spreads the culture of environmental sustainability, encouraging careful use of resources through a daily awareness program. The cooperation of employees, customers, visitors and suppliers is incentivized through the installation of monitors and signage with environmental responsibility reminders so that individually and collectively we can make a difference.
Drass focuses specific attention on the following aspects:

  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Recycling optimization
  • Green mobility
  • Energy-saving initiatives (Gas and electricity)
  • Reduction of waste output!
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Expansion Of Drass Services

Drass is expanding its dedicated client service which provides specialist support to Shipbuilders during the integration of Drass 100 Series Diving System.
In February Drass provided an extended supervision and consultancy to CSSC (China State Shipbuilding Corporation) for Hull 3080, by means of an extensive audit which focused on key and complex elements of Drass 100 Series Diving System integration and project management.

Drass and CSSC worked together extensively to fine tune risk management and risk mitigation analysis and to review methods and processes of the following specific topics:
•    Equipment Maintenance & Preservation
•    Project Program Planning
•    Vessel Interface
•    Design Control
•    Project Documentation Control
These areas were fully audited in specific meetings with key CSSC personnel and management teams, with Drass providing additional recommendations respecting the future on-site support service related to the installation and commissioning of Drass 100 Series.

Thanks to the close cooperation between Drass and CSSC, this type of service will be extended in the coming months enabling CSSC to further develop their experience and expertise with Drass 100 Series for the benefit of future projects and continued successful collaboration with Drass.

We are thankful to CSSC Project Team for fully welcoming Drass at CSSC’s facilities, and for the professionalism, hospitality and Chinese culinary delights enjoyed together!

Below some pictures from the Drass staff visit.

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Certificate for Control and Monitoring System

Last month the iLARS Automation – installed on VARD HULL801 Bell Handling System – achieved the DNV-GL “Certificate of Control and Monitoring System”.
This is the result of a concept design born in DRASS Engineering department in 2014: it is a fully distributed intelligence connected via a safety compliant network, which perfectly fits to the handling mechanical configuration.
During the iLARS Automation project, from design and manufacturing through to validating the hardware and software solutions, three main objectives were pursued: Safety, Reliability and Ease of Use. The validation program was successfully concluded in February 2017 with the on board testing, assessed by the DNG-GL representative. This ambitious project was achievable through dedicated in-house teamwork and cooperation from DRASS partners all over Europe where the main mechanical components are produced and tested.

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