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“The Magnificent 500”

 (“The Magnificent 500”) is the title of a recently published report that appeared in “Corriere della Sera”, the highly regarded Italian economic newspaper. It references the top 500 companies in Italy that had a substantial improvement in turnover between 2010 and 2016. Drass Galeazzi, in an analysis and comparison of over 12,000 like companies, was placed 119th and found itself amongst the top quartile of the "Magnificent 500".

Drass Galeazzi is the main company of a Group that in only five years increased the total turnover by 200%, with an average improvement per year of 11.5 million Euros. Similar results have been achieved for the Group equity (consistent improvement per year of 10.3 million Euros) and Total assets (average improvement per year of 12.5 million Euros). But the real strength of Drass is the shareholder equity that in the last few years is constantly on 80%, together with a ROI index of about 30%. Financial indexes show a flexible corporate structure characterized by an ever greater solidity. These conditions are made possible thanks to high profits, which are always reinvested into the business. Drass also achieves this impressive result due to its high level of innovation and flexibility, thanks to its ability to design and produce internally through an accurate certified quality process.

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Drass is proud to announce that the installation and commissioning of the new Magma-45 and the new Gas Panel Analyzers has been successfully completed on board the “ITS Anteo (A5309)”, the Italian Navy Submarine Support and Rescue Vessel.
These two initial activities are part of a more complex Scope of Supply that, in the next months, will face a complete refitting of the Submarine Rescue Vehicle “Drass SRV300” and ITS Anteo’s Air Dive System – confirming, once again, the high level of cooperation between Drass and the Italian Navy.
Submarine Rescue is an invaluable Drass solution, resulting in better rescue of crews, enhanced vehicle performance and project cost savings – above and, primarily, below the surface.

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Drass offers a comprehensive range of training courses for new and pre-existing hyperbaric oxygen therapy systems, customized to specific personnel roles and responsibilities at the client’s facility.
Last month, Drass’s ‘Hyperbaric Medical Technician – Basic Training Course’ took place at Fidenza Hospital for all medical and technical staff of the Emergency and Oxygen Hyperbaric Therapy Department.
The course’s combination of theory and practice sessions allowed participants to:
– Understand the components of the hyperbaric system and their interactions from a technical point of view
– Associate schematics and modes of operation to the various equipment
– Perform pre-treatment safety checks

The course was well received by all and the hospital tutor expressed enthusiasm about the thoroughness and success of the course.
Drass’s training activities are managed according to ISO 13485 compliancy, the world’s most recognized quality management system standard for the medical industry. This standardized approach ensures quality management processes and best practice that benefit customers, operators and patients alike.

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Drass loves to invest on the education of its employees and one of them, Michele, just finished a Master’s Degree in Cyber Security. The course specifically focused on identification of main cyber threats and the programming of effective countermeasures. Michele commented “The course was a great experience that provided an in-depth study of newly emerging informatic threats and the necessary practical skills to best protect businesses against them”.

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Drass Sponsors GSB17

The event will see the collaboration with two Italian Sports Committees, CIP and CONI, represented by the Presidents Luca Pancalli and Giovanni Malagò.
The event at “Stadio dei Marmi” (Roma) is scheduled for Tuesday, June 13, 2017 and will include 8 teams from 8 Italian regions. Each team will be composed of 20 players divided into youngsters (8-13 years old),  male and female adults. Each team will also have one or more athletes with disabilities.
The initiative was conceived by the association “art4sport ONLUS” born following Bebe’s story (Beatrice Vio).
Bebe, after her success in fencing at the Paralympics of Rio 2016, is a well-known athlete.
The child with many passions including fencing, in 2008 was struck by a serious illness that caused the amputation of four limbs. From this experience has drawn art4sport lymph to “promote sports as physical and psychological therapy for children and teenagers with physical disabilities and improve the quality of life of children,  teenaged boys and girls with amputations, carriers of the prosthetic limbs through the practice of sports” .
The underlying principle is to focus on their abilities rather than focus on disabilities and bring them, together with their families, to continue to face the world, with the others against the risk of an introflexion process.
This the theme of this year will be “emotions and colors”.
Drass is proud to be a sponsor for the second year.

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Drass Christmas Dinner 2017

The Drass Christmas dinner took place in the beautiful Hotel Continental on the coast in Tirrenia – Pisa.
During the dinner, all our staff spent a wonderful evening together, with great food, good wine and of course excellent company!

Happy Holidays and best wishes from everyone at Drass.

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Drass Job123 – DSV Kreuz Challenger Successfully Delivered

Last month Drass successfully completed the entire installation and commissioning of Drass 100 Series Saturation Diving System on board of the Kreuz Challenger DSV in a record time of just 7 months with the support of VARD Shipyard Production Team.
The Drass 100 Series Saturation Diving System is a 12-man single bell saturation diving system, 300msw rated, fully designed and manufactured by Drass and classified by DNV-GL.
The entire project – from the system’s design, manufacturing and testing phases through to delivery, installation and commissioning – was successfully completed in less than 2-years, from start to finish. We embraced the challenge and succeeded thanks to the expertise and professionalism of all involved, and so it is fair to say that ‘Kreuz Challenger’ is quite a fitting name for this vessel.
“Mission Accomplished” and happy sailing to Kreuz Challenger!

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BSI Certification Achievement

Subspec, a Drass Group company, has just completed the verification process for the renewal of ISO 9001 certification through BSI (British Standards Institution), the international certification and training body for best-practice and quality standards.
ISO 9001(International Organization for Standardization) is a quality management system that provides guidance and tools for companies who want to ensure that their products and services meet customer requirements.
Subspec is certified as a company that operates a Quality Management System which complies with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 for the following scope:

  • Design, development and testing of underwater diving and ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) equipment
  • Operational management of underwater activities on ROV operations
  • Technical consulting services related to professional diving and ROV
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Diving Bell Deliveries For DSV Oriental Dragon

At the beginning of August 2017 Drass shipped two Drass i100 Series diving bells, an integral part of the diving system, on board the DSV ORIENTAL DRAGON.
This vessel is now equipped with the latest release of Drass’ 100 Series diving system, including the Drass i100 Automation System.

Following delivery, Drass team travelled to CSSC Huangpu Shipbuilding in China to attend the commissioning kick-off meeting.
We are glad to support CSSC Huangpu in the complete supervision of the diving integration, including the piping outfitting and equipment positioning on foundations. Drass consolidated experience enables a wide scope of support including overall coordination with the Class and review of the shipyard’s design deliverables.
Thanks to the reciprocal trust and cooperation with CSSC, we are developing a tailored software solution to manage the Quality Assurance, Quality Control and the Progress of Activities on board. This expansion of specialized vessel integrated competencies allows Drass to provide a turnkey solution to DSV and submarine rescue vessel builders.

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British Standards Institute Certification Achievement

Drass is pleased to announce that it has successfully transferred to the new British Standards Institute (BSI) certifications: ISO 9001-ISO14001 and OHSAS18001

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