The design of this diving system is highly innovative because it is completely containerized and can therefore be easily shifted between three different positions on the main deck of the SSCV (port side, starboard side and bow) allowing maximum operational flexibility – which up to now has been obtained only by small, light-weight air diving systems. Repositioning can be made in a few hours using one of the SSCV’s cranes, and the whole diving system can be transferred onto the vessel without any heavy demobilization/remobilization. The total weight of the system is 300 tons and its dimensions are 16.5 x 9.5 x 7.4 meters. The system also comes with a 50 ton hyperbaric lifeboat.
The main package consists of 6 separate containers which are installed on two levels. Located on the first level are the decompression chambers (with a total capacity for 14 divers and a maximum working depth of 450 msw). The transfer lock, life support system, hydraulic power pack, oxygen storage and moonpool area are also found on this first level. Located on the second level is the complete diving bell launch and recovery system (LARS) that includes the cursor winch, trolley and heave compensating unit. The dive control center, environmental control units, potable water and fire suppression system are also located on this same level.
The system has been designed to withstand harsh environments – both arctic and tropical. It is classed by Lloyd’s Register and RINA, and complies with the latest Norwegian maritime directorate regulations.