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Hello, my name is Michele, I’ve been working for Drass since 2007. I am part of the Electrical Engineering team. With the possibilities offered by new technology, myself and with my colleagues have been able to study the innovative entertainment system for divers, which I think is very useful given the needs that we have today. This system will allow divers to watch movies, listen to music and make private or public video calls directly from the chamber inner area. Simply by using a pressure-resistant touch screen monitor, with a webcam and a microphone, all connected to a PC located outside the chamber.
Having worked closely with divers and thanks to previous experiences travelling around different ships, I can assure that this is a real window to communicate to the outside, in an environment that has no windows. And seeing as I spend my spare time playing guitar in a rock band, maybe someday you will be listening to “Black old garage” and their new album “Revolution” in your Drass entertainment system! Who knows!

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