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Hi, I’m Michele and since 2008 I’ve been the IT Manager here at Drass.
I deal with the dissemination of information and do my best to make things accessible to all, both our clients and my colleagues. The users of my system are scattered around the world so as one person goes to bed, another is starting their working day. This makes mine a round-the-clock job!
In Drass, I am one of the few people who was born in Pisa, the city of the leaning tower. In football (but not only this) Pisa and Livorno are rivals and so every now and then my colleagues take the mickey out of me….they’re just jealous of the tower, the beautiful roads alongside the River Arno, and our three universities! (Obviously I’m joking….kind of).
My job has a lot to do with computers and keyboards, but when I get home at the end of a long day, I prefer to play that of my piano

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