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Hi everyone, my name is Luca. I am an automation and robotics engineer and I joined Drass at the beginning of 2015.
Here I have worked on my thesis: the “DRASSIE project”. DRASSIE is an observation class Remotely Operated Vehicle – ROV. I have developed the control and communication system and, at the same time, I followed up on the construction of the vehicle with the invaluable help of the R&D team.
It was a very exciting for me because DRASSIE’s job is to explore ocean depth, one of my greatest passions. I am a Trimix Technical Diver and I love to explore deep underwater walls or wrecks all over the world.
Because of this, I knew of Drass before coming here as decompression methods are very interesting for technical divers and Drass is leader in deco and underwater technology.
Talking about sports, I’ve been a water polo player since I was 11 years old. This year I play for our city’s team, Nuoto Livorno, in the national B division. Coming back to the sea, I like to practice apnea too.
Well, if you need me, come and find me in DRASS automation LAB or…. UNDERWATER!!!

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