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Hi everyone!
I’m Kate and I’ve been with Drass for the last eight years. Initially I worked in the Technical Documentation department, producing the manuals for the various Diving Systems but I have since moved to the Defence Team where I work closely with the engineers and operations managers in order to create the technical manuals, maintenance procedures and various other technical documents related to this branch of the Company. I’ve still got a lot to learn with regards to the industry, but luckily I work alongside a great team in a dynamic working environment.
With regards to my life outside the office, I enjoy spending time with my young family (my partner and two kids)…but I also enjoy spending time without them!
Being British, I enjoy going back to the UK as often as possible so that I can get my ‘injection’ of all the things I miss living in Italy (family, friends, bacon…) and to ensure that my son and daughter (both born in Italy) have a sense of their British identity

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