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My name is Karla Stan, and I have been working for DRASS since 2006. In DRASS I’ve worked both for the Procurement and Logistic Department gaining a good working knowledge of Procurement principles and Logistic operations since these fields are highly connected. Working for the Procurement department has enhanced my ability to negotiate both for work purposes and in my private life. Purchasing all kinds of commodities like mechanical and electrical components as well as services such as transportation and handling, giving me a 360° insight into the Procurement in general. On the other hand, working for Logistics has given me the opportunity to gain a very good knowledge of shipping operations and improve my multi-tasking skills since this job is very demanding.
When I am not at work, I like traveling and, whenever we can, my family and I make short breaks out of town since there is a lot to see in Tuscany and Italy. I am the mum of a beautiful little boy who also enjoys the sea and the mild weather. Living here, especially during summer, and having the sea at our doorstep is like always being on holiday as after work you can decide to go for a swim at the beach and enjoy the sun.
It is quite common to see people at work carrying a towel in their backpacks, so it’s possible to have a good balance between work and ‘play’

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