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Defence Requirements & Operation Designer

Hi to everyone! My name is Giovanni and my role here at DRASS is Defence Requirements & Operation Designer.
My job is to ensure that our automation systems are aligned with client requirements, and comply with regulations on paper and in reality. My first target after I joined DRASS in 2013 was to lead the implementation of the i100 software modules from its early beginnings right through to its integration onto ships in service, thanks to the experience I gained in the Oil & Gas industry. I am now part of DRASS Defence Design department, and during the summer months this year I was involved with the successful automation system testing of one of DRASS’ new generation submarines. My next professional goals are reinforcing the Risk Assessment Team since the workload has doubled in just a few years; as well as keeping my drinking record for “Defence Team Aperitives” – at least this one is after working hours!!

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