The typical 100 Series Environmental Control System consists of a set of Environmental Control Units (ECUs) designed to control temperature, humidity and to provide the requested life support redundancy to the Diving Decompression Chambers.
The Drass 100 Series range of ECU products is based on the proven technology of a pressurized high-head root blower. Drass introduced this configuration in 1970s and the current ECUs represent the technical state of the art of this reliable solution.
Drass ECU is the primary environmental control unit and is available in three configurations: classic, stand alone and iLife. The ECU in its i-Life version enhances the traditional reliability and efficiency of the classic ECU with a failsafe, high-end Siemens control logic.
Moreover, new stainless steel scrubbers and new interlocking mechanisms are installed on all versions.
The main steps of ECUs’ productions are:

  • Production of frame and pressure vessel (gas circulating tank and filters)
  • Preparation and welding of gas pipe
  • Cabling of the electrical cabinet
  • Installation of the components on the frame
  • Interconnecting of mechanical and electrical components
  • Tests

As you can see from the gallery, last November we started with the production of 10 ECU and at this time we have the first two machines that are on the last phase of the production activities and very close to the tests phase. The others are approximately at the 60% and by the summer season they will be ready for the final test.