With a rich heritage spanning 100 years of continuous service to the oil and gas industry, DRASS stands as a historic pioneer in the field of air and saturation diving systems. Today, DRASS maintains its position as a global leader in the design, manufacturing, and supply of hyperbaric systems across commercial, medical, and defense sectors. DRASS draws on its century-long expertise to produce systems renowned for their superior quality, safety and technical innovation.

Having successfully delivered hundreds of hyperbaric systems, DRASS remains at the forefront of diving systems, hyperbaric technologies, and underwater military applications worldwide. Thanks to its extensive research and development program, DRASS holds pivotal patents covering essential solutions applicable to saturation diving. Whether modular or integrated onto vessels, DRASS provides turnkey solutions tailored to clients seeking the most reliable and advanced diving systems in the world.

The majority of DRASS diving components and equipment are also developed in-house, ensuring optimal delivery times and the highest standard of quality. All DRASS products are manufactured in compliance with IACS member classification rules and in accordance with IMCA regulations.

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