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Hi everyone,
My name is Cinzia and I am the Engineering Department secretary. I upload the technical drawings to our system and carry out other work related to the drawings, like sending them to our suppliers etc.
I consider myself to be a hard worker, (in Italian we say “stakanovista”) because I really like to work in Drass and it’s always a pleasure for me to help my colleagues. We have a lot of fun together and that’s why I enjoy joking with them so much.
My colleagues have always been very polite to me, from my very first day. For example, when I came back to work after my graduation on 28th May, a beautiful gift awaited me at the office.
I also adore long walks on the beach (I love the sea) or in the town and I never say no to a good pizza with my friends.
Although I don’t work in Drass for a long time, I’m very happy to have this job because I love it and moreover, the persons who work here are simply fantastic!

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