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Hi, I’m Chiara, I have been working in Drass since 2009.
Since day one, I’ve been part of the Logistic Analysis and Documentation team.
My job in Drass is mainly to draft the manuals for all equipment manufactured and sold by this company. For some of our systems I have also prepared the training material for customers.
My work allows me to interface with all departments of the company and follow the development of each product at all stages from design to the production, up to the phases of installation, maintenance and assignment of spare parts.
In my free time I like reading and traveling. Well, I used to like reading before falling asleep but unfortunately this habit is now a distant memory….
this is because of my little pest (Edoardo, 23 months) who refuses to fall asleep unless attached to me like a koala… but I won’t let this discourage me, sooner or later I’ll be able to resume this good habit and in meantime I’ll continue buying books that invariably just accumulate on my bedside table.
I always find time for travelling however…as soon as I return from a trip, I plan the next … my little pest must become a traveler – children should be taught good habits from a young age 😉

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