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The second containerized hyperbaric chamber, SN 17419, has been delivered by DRASS Romania to the Romanian Navy at the Naval Diving Centre in Constanta.
Once again DRASS has delivered on time, meeting the agreed time constraints, even during this period of added complexities for businesses.
Well done DRASS Romania for successfully closing yet another job.

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DRASS Chamber on board the Romanian Navy’s “ROS Bălescu”

DRASS Containerized Hyperbaric Chamber, on board the Romanian Navy’s "ROS Bălescu” during the Standing NATO Mine Countermeasures Group (SNMCMG-2) exercise, is the most compact and technologically advanced surface diving system ever built.

This article Marine Mine Training in the Mediterranean details the naval trials carried out with the aid of the DRASS Containerized Chamber.

DRASS currently has the most advanced and reliable range of hyperbaric oxygen therapy products, thanks to its focus on research and development, engineering production and materials technology. DRASS designs, manufactures and tests all components in accordance with class certification.

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DRASS at UDS 2020

DRASS is glad to share some pictures from the recent Underwater Defence & Security Exhibition held in Southampton.
We want to thank all of our visitors once again for taking the time to stop by for a chat.
See you at UDS 2021!

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Drass Helmet and Life Support Equipment Test Facility

DRASS has been selected by a reputable manufacturer of SCUBA regulators as the facility to perform their annual product testing according to EN 250 standard.
Such tests are performed using DRASS’ recently manufactured Life Support Equipment Test Facility, capable of testing SCUBA, diving regulators, diving helmets and rebreathers according to applicable standards. DRASS performs a full range of tests including breathing performance up to 50 bar ambient pressure using air, nitrox or helium, both in gas or submerged, cold testing (2-4 °C) with humidification and heating of the breathing gas, carbon dioxide testing, noise testing, etc.
Thanks to the rotating capability of the test tank, vertical and horizontal tests of breathing apparatus can be performed during the same session without the need to vent and blow down the tank between tests.

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At the end of January DRASS had the pleasure of welcoming the Mayor of Livorno, Mr. Luca Salvetti, for a site visit. This was an opportunity to meet DRASS staff, tour the company departments including the entire production facilities, and give a speech for the benefit of all staff. The mayor praised the technology and organisation of DRASS activities and was also impressed with DRASS’ green initiatives and graduate training programme. Mayor Salvetti promised support to overcome the actual logistical issues of the area surrounding DRASS, and he commended the significant number of young people working in complex, high technology roles within DRASS. We thank Mayor Salvetti once again for his visit and support.

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DRASS was an exhibitor and keynote speaker at VIMAD Global Services Defence Exhibition in Madrid on 21-22 January, presenting our latest generation subsea crafts and submarine rescue technology to the Spanish Navy and defence institutions.

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DRASS has completed the commissioning activities of the Containerized Hyperbaric System for the Romanian Navy. We extend our thanks to all involved parties who have collaborated on this successful project.

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DRASS Internship Collaboration

Following the past few months of intense and effective hard work, Drass would like to express a huge thanks to Professor Paola Gualeni, Professor Diego Villa, and the DITEN Department at the University of Genoa for the internship collaboration which has proven to be a great achievement. Pietro Panizza and Emanuele Fassone, have finally graduated in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering and we are very proud and happy to have been part of their success with the theses regarding the "Influence of morphological design choices for a Compact Submarine" and "Stability and trim Polygon Analysis for a Midget Submarine".

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Following the invitation from the University of Pisa at the latest DII Talks (hosted by the Department of Information Engineering), DRASS held a seminar in which its developments in the fields of commercial diving and defence were presented to the entire second-year Telecommunication Engineering Postgraduates. The conference had a particular focus on technology applied for external communications and sonar processing on submarines. The general architecture and typical communication standards of exterior communication systems in civil and military field was described, including GMDSS system (Global Maritime Safety System), ALE3G (Automatic Link Establishment) and the use of SDR (Software-Defined Radio) for military communication.
In addition, the sonar processing architecture and its functionality of detection, tracking and analysis of tracks was discussed, going into detail on the techniques such as DEMON (Demodulation of Envelope Modulation On Noise) and LOFAR (Low-Frequency Analysis and Recording). In conclusion, DRASS gave an overview of the interaction between the sonar system and other systems in submarines such as CMS (Combat Management System) and WECDIS (Warship Electronic Chart Display & Information System).

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DRASS Christmas Dinners 2019

DRASS Group is happy to share some pictures from our company christmas dinners in Italy and Romania.
During the evening, all our staff spent a wonderful time together, with great food and wine, great music, and of course excellent company!
Happy Holidays and best wishes from everyone at DRASS!

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