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Hello, my name’s Antonio and I’ve been working here with Drass since 2009.  I’m 26 years old and even though I’m one of the youngest engineers here, I’ve already  gained a lot of experience.
I work in the Structural and Mechanical office and have had the opportunity to take part in the final commissioning of two 300 MSW Saturation Diving Systems, one of them portable, and the other the Hyperbaric Reception Facility.
I have also worked on the certification tests with the inspection body and suppliers of the handling equipment such as the winches, trolleys, clump weight and sheaves.
What I like about my job is that I get to use all the experience of the past few years to improve the design of and propose new solutions for Drass equipment. I’m working on the Handling System and I‘ve just finished the design an UW for a Drass 700 Series Surface Diving System with a rotary joint for oxygen use… what a challenge!

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