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Hi Everyone!
I’m Alica and this is my sixth year here with Drass. Being an Economic Diplomacy graduate with previous work experience in marketing and international business affairs, I never even thought that one day I would end up discovering the world of underwater technologies. Initially I worked in the Technical Documentation Department, mostly drafting Drass Diving System manuals. Later, I moved to the Product Certification Department where I became the Quality Manager for various Drass projects in Norway, South Korea, China, Vietnam and the UK. My main duties are to liaise with Independent Verification Bodies, monitoring and assuring the quality of procedures and equipment.
In my spare time I love reading books, although currently I am quite limited to titles such as Three Little Pigs, Little Red Riding Hood and Peppa Pig thanks to my little daughter asking me to read them over and over again. I like to unwind during our family hiking trips admiring the coastline cliffs and mountains. Every now and then I really feel the need to spend some time in my homeland, Slovakia. Although the things that I miss the most can’t simply be packed in a luggage, traditional delicacies (sausages and cheeses etc.) are always a good homesickness remedy 😊

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