Greetings from Drass Romania Teambuilding 2023

Greetings from Drass Romania Teambuilding 2023

Again this year we had the opportunity to spend some time together outside the office, so we organized a teambuilding weekend outside Timisoara.

To get the most out of the experience, we had specialized trainers in teambuilding activities. We had a great deal of fun during the games but, most importantly, we learned to collaborate even better to achieve a common goal. We played pantomime and laughed until we cried, we competed in an alternative kind of volleyball tournament, we completed puzzles blindfolded with voice instruction from the team, danced, opened up about our life, desires and values, we wrote, directed and acted in original commercial videos and nevertheless relaxed together sharing good times and vibes.

The purpose of gathering in a different setting to the work one was to get to know each other better but also to gel together even better as a team.

We appreciated that each teammate is an important cog in a mechanism that should work like a Swiss watch, so we synchronized and excelled in each game. We split into several small teams (each game with a different team composition) but always, in the end, we were one big team.

We invite you to see some of our Teambuilding moments.

All the best from all of us!