DRASS/EMDE perform rEvo rebreather training course

DRASS/EMDE perform rEvo rebreather training course

ASD Eligere Magistrum in Diving Education, in partnership with DRASS for techical support, held an advanced diving skills refresher course with Aldo Rebreather Training company and “Dive in Cavalaire with Sarazin”.
The full week of training included more than 12 hours of dives on Cavalaire sur Mer wrecks, together with Aldo Ferrucci, one of the most important exponents of the Rebreather Community.

EMDE divers benefited thoroughly from the expertise on-hand and achieved great results in the water.
Luca Biasci and Gabriele Vannelli received the certification of rEvo Helitrox Decompression Diver which qualifies them to use the rEvo Rebreather to a maximum of 45 MSW/150 FSW utilizing CCR decompression diving techniques with helitrox as a diluent.
rEvo is the state of the art for HCCR – Hybrid Closed Circuit Rebreather, using the most innovative and patented technical solutions for the optimization of the breathing loop and its monitoring.

This result is a great starting point for new experiences and new development!!


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