DRASS and Squale present the PERISCOPE Watch

DRASS and Squale present the PERISCOPE Watch

DRASS Periscope – The watch for Submarine Enthusiasts!

DRASS in partnership with Squale SA launches DRASS Periscope watch, designed for submariners and rigorously tested to meet the technical demands they face on the job.

DRASS Periscope watch is equipped with an automatic helium escape valve that enables depths of 500 metres. Protecting the dial is a piece of flat sapphire crystal treated with an anti-reflective coating for superior scratch resistance and a sharper visual. In keeping with submariner requirements, its black colour avoids inadvertently revealing one’s position in a military context and thus keeping the user stealth.

The steel case is treated with an IP Black (Ion Plating) coating, for a durable finish that is resistant to shocks and corrosion. In addition, a rubber cap is applied to the bezel of the watch – an apparently innocuous edition but one that conceals an important purpose. In submarines, instrumentation is extremely sensitive, and any interference risks jeopardizing the mission. An accidental collision of the watch with another metal part in the narrow spaces of the submarine would risk creating an interference signal for its sonar and radar, or worse still, accidentally revealing its position to the enemy. Made in Italy from highly resistant material, the rubber cap can be easily attached or removed depending on the submarine operator’s needs.
The need for accurate timekeeping underwater is just as important as it ever was, especially when lives depend on it. In an age dominated by advances in digital automation, a traditional mechanical watch that can handle the rigors of the deep is still a vital backup for when all else fails electronically.

This iconic watch celebrates DRASS’ century-rich heritage of subsea innovation including defence crafts and equipment for ultra-deep subsea operations.