DRASS Gas Mixer Device

DRASS Gas Mixer Device

DRASS Gas Mixer is the first device of its kind and was specifically developed in accordance with the special requirements of the Romanian Navy – requirements that were unattainable using existing devices or other commercially available gas mixers.
DRASS Gas Mixer creates custom gas mixtures (such as nitrox, heliox, trimix) with user-defined gas concentrations, with the capability to mix up to three inlet gases.
The Romanian Navy were impressed by its FAT (Factory Acceptance Testing) performances which included complete system tests such as a HAT (Harbour Acceptance Trials), and expressed their warmest congratulations for this exceptional achievement, reached also in a limited time frame with concept to delivery within 6 months.

DRASS Gas Mixer features a number of unique capabilities, of which the most important is the possibility to process not only pure gases such as the commercially available Gas Mixers, but to start from pre-mixed gases (e.g. air, nitrox, heliox or trimix); affording the capability to re-process unused gas mixtures (such as residual gas in Storage) or even Chamber Recovered Gas, ensuring the breathability of such gas.

During the tests, nitrox was created starting from air, trimix, dilute nitrox and heliox mixtures, all up to an accuracy of +/- 0.1% for the oxygen content.
This new product is now available in the DRASS deliverables. Congratulations goes to all colleagues who contributed to this impressive outcome!


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