DRASS GALEAZZI presents the commemorative Galeazzi diving knife, an exact replica of the internationally renowned original 1950s diver’s knife. No detail has been spared to faithfully reproduce this vintage item, coveted by commercial and naval divers of the era and highly sought after by collectors ever since.
Remaining true to the original design and production techniques of the time, the newly released Galeazzi knife is a work of mastery that is made entirely in Italy.

This multifunctional diving tool consists of one single piece of high-quality rust-resistant stainless steel for the central body and serrated blade. This must-have tool is imperative for diving operations such as the cutting of nets and underwater obstructions as well as serving as protection against underwater predators. Housing a hidden screw jaw within the shank, and a wheel to adjust size, this item doubles-up as a measuring device.
Its leather sheath and presentation box also come exactly as per the 1950s originals. As official licensor, DRASS exclusively brings this masterpiece to the market celebrating the design excellence and craftsmanship that DRASS GALEAZZI has stood for throughout its century-long history; and a tradition that embodies DRASS Group technology to this today.
Through DRASS partnership with Fox Knives, purveyors of excellence and manufacturers of quality products for civilian, military, rescue and special forces.

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