DRASS SPORT SCHOLARSHIP 2019/2020 and 2020/2021

DRASS SPORT SCHOLARSHIP 2019/2020 and 2020/2021

Great success in the beautiful setting of the “PalaMacchia” in Livorno, for DRASS Sport Scholarship – Don Bosco Basketball, an appointment that has now become a traditional event in the local sport.
During the award ceremony, DRASS Sport Scholarship were delivered not only for the current season, 2020/21, but also for the previous one, 2019/20, which was not carried out last year due to the health emergency.
DRASS once again is proud to supports young students in their passions and their personal, social and educational growth.
To all the winners, congratulations from DRASS Group!!

Student awards were received as follows:
season 2019/2020
Under 13: Davide FUSCO
Under 15: Enrico DODOLI
Under 16: Federico GAMBA
Under 18: Lorenzo MANIACI

Season 2020/21
Under 13: Marco MADERA
Under 14: Ergi DELIALLISI
Under 15: Filippo SPINELLI
Under 16: Giacomo SANTINI
Under 18: Giacomo FIOCCHI


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