DRASS personnel dive check

DRASS personnel dive check

The regular competency assessment of DRASS diving personnel is fundamental. This is why DRASS, in collaboration with ASD Eligere Magistrum in Diving Education, perform this necessary testing and verification specifically for DRASS personnel responsible for the management and technical verification of DRASS underwater vehicles.

Three days of dive checks were carried out under the supervision of Gabriele Vannelli, Vice-President and Training Instructor of ASD EMDE.
The first sessions were aimed at assessing standard diving procedure. The second part verified the ability to conduct underwater operations and co-ordinate a team. Finally, the focus was on stress management in out-of-the-ordinary situations, such as emergency management in zero visibility scenarios.

An invaluable experience and collaboration for all.
Many thanks to the diving center Bolle d’Azoto Associazione Sportiva Dilettantistica for their logistic support during these training exercises.


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