Drass is proud to announce that Subspec, has been selected to be a part of the ADI Design Index 2018.
This is the annual publication promoted by ADI (Italian Association for Industrial Design) that assesses all of the best-designed Italian products. Thanks to the expertise of our industrial designer Enkreo, a Drass Group company, Subspec has been nominated for the ADI Gold Compass Award and was chosen to present its state-of-the-art Diving Compact BIBS (Built-in Breathing System) Mask at the Annual ADI Ceremony on November 20th in Rome.

BIBS masks are used to administer oxygen to divers during decompression, to medical patients in hyperbaric chambers, and in the event that a chamber atmosphere is contaminated as BIBS supply breathable, non-contaminated gas from an independent source. Subspec’s BIBS product, known as U-101, has been designed to arrange the weight as close to the user as possible which is particularly important for divers. The result is a compact and light mask, with the COG (center of gravity) and the tube connection very close to the face. At the same time, the integration of all the components inside the protective shell results in a completely integrated structure with no suspended elements thereby reducing associated forces and strain to the neck without compromising movement of the diver’s head.

All ADI product nominations form part of ADI’s annual publication of product innovation, and one stands the chance of receiving ADI Gold Compass Award, the oldest and most prestigious design award.

Congratulations again from Drass to Subspec and Enkreo for their contribution and this honor!